The latest feature I've added to TickTocker is an open API. Here is the online documentation While I'm sure there are some industry standards it doesn't adhere to (I'm not using OAuth for authentication and it is not RESTful), I'm proud of how quickly I was able to pull it together into a fast, secure, and working state during my vacation. I already have a working iPhone app in development and my colleague Dwane is working on an Android app. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or features, please let me know. Before I move on to v2.0, I want to have around 80% of the web functionality implemented through the API.

The current features include browsing paginated community feeds, personal feeds, specific user feeds, submitting tocks, and following other users.

Since TickTocker has a working SSL certificate, I decided to leverage it for all API communications. Basically put, client applications, which have received special tokens from TickTocker, can request individual user API keys which it can then use to perform commands on a user's behalf. Currently users must request App Tokens via email but there will be an automated solution coming soon.

By POSTing the username, token, and application id to specially crafted URI's, commands are performed and responses are returned in JSON format. For logged-in users, there is also a JQuery-based API tester so you can get a better idea of what is being sent and what is being returned.

Let me know what needs to be improved!